Submarina does not comply with ADA regulations.

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This is in regards to the Submarina in Carlsbad, CA at 5812 Van Allen Way.On multiple occasions I have taken my service dog into their restaurant.

Each time, no matter who is working the counter I am rudely told I cannot sit in the dining area because animals are not allowed in the store.

When I explain to them it is a service animal, and even point out the vest my dog wears all they can repeat back is animals are not allowed in the dining area.I have contacted their corporate headquarters but never got a response back.

Rip-off at Submarina in Carlsbad, CA

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I recently went to the Submarina off Faraday Carlsbad, CA to order a sandwich, I chose a 9 inch sub with ham, turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomato, I got the sandwich as a combo, with a drink and a small bag of chips, the total came to approximately 13.50.

When I got back to work and opened the sandwich I was very disappointed to find that the amount of meat in the sandwich was extremely skimpy, I'm talking about the VERY thinly sliced deli meat, and not much of that, maybe 2-3 pieces and one thin slice of cheese, the rest of the sandwich contained piles of shredded iceberg lettuce and some anemic tomato slices.

Instead of enjoying the taste of a good deli sandwich that I was looking forward to, I got the taste of a doughy roll and iceberg lettuce, also the drinks come in one size, which would be considered a small in most take out establishments. And all this for 13.50! What a rip off! I know that these sandwich places like Submarina, Subway etc.

are franchised to individuals and I think that this particular owner is trying to get by as cheaply as he can, hoping that the customers don't notice, well this one has and I won't be back there again!

I also told my co-workers not to go there.There is no excuse for cheating customers like this, I know another independantly owned deli in the area that sells a huge hamburger with lots of meat,fries and huge drink for half the price of this Submarina meal, that where I'll take my business from now on.



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